Two Top Tips to Triumph with Viral Mailers

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A statistic that’s frequently quoted is, “75% of individuals on the net trying to employ safelists or viral mailers correctly, do not achieve their goals.”

Alright, I just thought that one up, but it was necessary to make my following observation. I feel that even though that statistic may have been right, it would still be absolutely rubbish mainly because it does not take into consideration each one of those people who have experimented with viral mailers, both as I write and in the past, who have not achieved anything and ultimately abandoned the whole deal. If there were a statistic for this group of people, I reckon it would be:

“99.99% of people who’ve tried viral mailers, have been miserably unsuccessful.”

And I believe I can give you an explanation why – insufficient amounts of organization. There is certainly a huge amount to be done when viral mailing and an even huger amount of self-discipline needed to keep doing it, and since most would-be marketers do not get organized when they begin, they get completely confused with the whole process and ultimately stop.

Here’s the scenario. A person (let’s call him Johnny) joins as many of the viral mailers as he can (and to make viral mailing work well, you should sign up for every one you can find), and he gets started sending out emails whenever he has time. But Johnny hasn’t made a record of when he sent out the emails, how often he can send one out for each mailer, or how many credits he needs for a decent mail blast, but what were his options even if he had remembered? The two most obvious choices were remembering when to blast out emails, which is impossible, or keeping an up-to-date record on a computer, which is almost impossible.

Viral Mailers Top Tip #1

What Johnny didn’t know was all he had to do was register with (Aff link), which I strongly recommend you do as well, and he would have been sorted. Mailer Ninja allows him to record each of the viral mailers he belongs to. Furthermore, it tells him when to send out another email with each of the sites. Plus, Mailer Ninja lets him know which websites are coming up in the near future. This lets Johnny read emails from other members and build up enough credits to send out a respectable number of emails. Plus, Plus, Plus! For a ridiculously low price of four bucks per month (for as many websites as he wants), why wouldn’t he have joined if he had known about it?

Don’t be like Johnny! Here is my Mailer Ninja affiliate link. Remember, it’s only $4 a month!

Here’s a screenshot of my Mailer Ninja homepage to see what it looks like.

Viral Mailers

Incidentally, if you would like to find out a rough number of viral mailers there are, click here.

Viral Mailers Top Tip #2

Unfortunately, Mailer Ninja is not the only thing needed. As I mentioned above, you need to be tremendously organized. You need to have everything you use to promote your offers in a single place. This not only involves your affiliate links but involves links for all of your banners, your email swipes, your splash page links, and your personalized splash page links. That is a lot of stuff and when you keep needing to go into your mailer sites to retrieve your links, banners, and so forth (because you didn’t get organized), you will eventually go mad!

You will find a couple of alternatives next and, as they are both free, you could try both. However, I would go for the second option. Firstly, you can use an excel document, although the way excel works, you might find it really annoying. Alternatively, you can simply use Evernote™. This is a fantastic little bit of kit and tends to make everything easier in terms of locating your affiliate stuff. I have put a screenshot of my Evernote™ down below so you can see what I have done.

Viral Mailers

You should be able to see that I used to categorize everything by what type of site (mailer, text exchange, traffic exchange and the like) it was. After a while I realized that it did not get the job done quickly. Now I categorize everything based on what sort of promotional material it is: banners, splash pages, personalized hyperlinks and the like as I discovered it is a great deal quicker when copying and pasting links, e-mails etc to my different mailers.

In any case, it does not truly matter which approach is the best when starting off. The crucial detail is simply to get organized and stay organized. After a certain amount of time, you will make up your mind what is the best way for you. You can download Evernote™ here. There is a choice to upgrade but don’t bother, you will never need to.

And there you have it. I hope you found this reasonably useful. Remember to check out my list of mailers here. Also, it’s worth remembering that this is a great way to get traffic to your site but it’s best to start slowly. That way, you can stay organized and not get lost. Once you get proficient with a couple of sites, move on to a few more and so on.

Feel free to leave a comment below and happy viral mailing!

Toodle pip.

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