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Hello and welcome back to my blog. This is another Q&A sweet video from Affilorama’s Mark Ling. In it, he answer’s an affiliate marketer’s question about disguising Clickbank’s ridiculously long affiliate links. My own particular solution is but more about that later.

Normally, I would write a few notes on the video below it for those of you who are at work or who have poor connections. However, as this video is only a couple of minutes long, if you are at work, I suggest you take a toilet break.

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Everyone knows that tracking is vital to online marketing success. The problem is that it is so complicated most of the time, that most affiliate marketers just give up tracking their links. solves this problem.

In fact, the real problem has always been that you needed a degree in computing to understand and use website tracking software. Is What You Have Been Looking For is the tracking suite from TimTech, the same boys that brought you Click Track Profit. The same boys have stripped down to give you ONLY what you need when it comes to powerful website tracking.

trck.meIt’s tracking made fun! It’s tracking made simple!

They have also added a load of training videos to help you get the hang of it. The boys at TimTech claim that because is so easy to use, you won’t even need to use them. I’m not so sure it is that easy so it is great that there are videos available to help.

It is only $10 a month to find out what is happening with your links. At that price, there is very little reason not to sign up. Even better, there is even a 30-day free trial, so it’ll cost you absolutely nothing to have a look.

Sign up now and see how powerful can be for your website!

One of the best reasons to use is if you are into Safelist Marketing. You may have tried marketing with safelists before but gave up because they are too much like hard work. If that was you, have a look at my the Safelist Organizer. It is one of the best tools around to speed up your safelist marketing. Click this link to see my A-Z of all things to do with safelist mailers.

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