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Okay, I could go on and on and on and on about how important it is to build a list and that to build a list you need an autoresponder and why TrafficWave is the best autoresponder to go for, but what’s the point? You either have an autoresponder because you know how important they are or you don’t and since there must be a million posts on why autoresponders are so important, if you don’t have one, I can only imagine it’s because you have some kind of phobia. Nope. This post is going to be all about getting rich and why TrafficWave can help you achieve your goals.

TrafficWave is a pretty standard autoresponder and I don’t mean that in a bad way. Most of us, and I am including myself here, never learn how to use autoresponders like the pros. For example, many of us have heard about things like A/B testing, but how many of us bother to really do it? In my case it’s kind of like tracking. Each month, I pay out for a tracking service that I like because I know it’s important to track my links, but I don’t really use it properly (probably because I don’t really know how). Anyway, I’m digressing.

TrafficWave Matrix System

As I was saying, TrafficWave is a standard autoresponder, which means it’s great for 90% of online marketers out there but its quality is not what I’m selling; it’s its affiliate program. TrafficWave’s affiliate program is a 3×10 matrix, which adds up to a potential 88 thousand bucks a month. “Bollocks!” I hear you say but give your scepticism to all your friends who don’t think it’s possible to earn money online and read on.

TrafficWave Matrix

TrafficWave’s Matrix Buster works like this. Your first three (level 1) referrals pay you $6 each, which is $18 for those of you who are like me – mathematical morons. That’s your monthly spend for TrafficWave, so now you’re getting an autoresponder for free.

Each of those three referrals find three referrals and you’re now earning another $9 a month ($1 per level 2 referral). It’s easy to sell this to your level 2 referrals because like you, once they have three referrals, their autoresponder is free as well. You might be saying, “Wow. I’m earning 9 bucks a month. Big deal!” but you need to stick with me.

This is where replication is so important and where you are going to have to put some work in. You have got to instruct all your downline (that’s everyone below you for newbies out there) to do exactly what you did. Each member of your downline needs to repeat the process and because each member only needs to find three people, although more is better for stability, it is very achievable.

TrafficWave Success Team

Now, I’m going to do some mindreading. A lot of you will be saying to yourselves, “Yes, that sounds really good, but I’m terrible at recruiting.” Well, don’t worry. I have your back, but we’ll talk about that in a bit. Let’s get back to the matrix.

The nine people that you recruited now recruit three referrals each. You now have 3 + 9 + 18 members (level 3) in your downline which equals $18 + $27, which is $45 a month. Getting better but still not exactly a fortune. The 18 members on level 3 now recruit three people each so you now have 3 + 9 + 18 + 54 (level 4) which equals $18 + $81 = $99. Still getting better but still not a king’s ransom. Let’s see what happens at the next level. 54 x 3 = $162 + $99 = $261. Well, $261 is not enough to retire on to be sure but think about your monthly outgoings. I live in Indonesia and that’s my rent. If you live in the West, that’s probably enough for your utility bills. If you go on holiday once a year, times it by 12 and is $2600 enough? Probably.

TrafficWave Monthly Residual Commissions

Let’s go down one more level. 162 x 3 = 486 + 261 = $647. Now, I’m thinking that pretty much anywhere in the world, this is an amount that could have a real effect on your life. I could go on down the levels, but I think you’re getting the idea so check out the image below. Please note that payments change depending on what level your on. Check below to see your exact earnings potential.

TrafficWave Potential Earnings

TrafficWave Leadership Bonus

But wait! I haven’t got to the best bit. Actually, this isn’t the best bit, but it’s pretty bloody good. TrafficWave also has something called a Leadership Bonus. This means that as long as you have one personally referred paying member (don’t worry, you’ll have hundreds), you’ll get 50% of each of your referrals’ earnings. That means that if you have 10 referrals each earning $1000, you will get another $5000 on top of whatever you’re earning from your downline. How crazy is that?

TrafficWave Leadership Bonus

TrafficWave Success Team

Hang on, dammit! I forgot about the bit where I said we have your back for recruiting referrals. My team, the TrafficWave Success Team, offers new members the opportunity to buy personal referrals at $18 bucks a pop. You can buy two a month, so by the end of month 2, you will already have you three referrals that you need to start your 3×10 matrix. By the way, I buy two referrals EVERY month to allow for useless people who can’t see the power of this system. If you want, you can do the same, but you don’t have to.

So, let’s summarise. A 30-day free trial (sorry, didn’t even mention that above), 2 personal referrals every month (if you want to do this and if you can afford it), a matrix system that will pay you thousands a month, and leadership bonuses that will pay you more thousands a month. I’d ask you if you’re interested, but that would be the stupidest question ever asked. Sign up for the free trial below, and let’s get you finally earning money online.

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