TrafficWave Autoresponders Payment Proofs

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I thought I would do what most people don’t. I’m going to show you all how much I am earning online from TrafficWave Autoresponders.

I started about mid-May, 2016 so what you see won’t be too amazing. Not that that’s surprising, of course. TrafficWave Autoresponders is all about building a downline of like-minded individuals who stay the course. If you have 50 people signing up each month and 49 of them drop out, then what are you really achieving?

If you target your advertising well, you can get five people signing up under you each month If three of them stick at it, that’s exactly what you want. In the long run you are gaining a lot more. This is especially true if those three people also see the power of TrafficWave’s earnings plan. If they can enrol people under them who can also understand the way this great affiliate plan then it starts a snowball effect.

Email MarketingClick the image to see the TrafficWave Payment Plan in full

I will also add my Affiliate Downline Organization so that you can all see what is going on there. Please note that it won’t be an expanded view. I don’t want to show their names, usernames and contact info as they have not given me permission to do so. I can’t fix the numbers anyway so what you are all seeing is the real deal.

Finally, I will add my stats. This does not show you anything from a money point of view. However, what it does show you is how many times you need to get your affiliate links in front of people just to get just a few sign-ups a week. If you are not prepared to make as much effort as I make, it might be better for you to look for something else to do.

TrafficWave Autoresponders is not a sprint – it’s a marathon and like a marathon, it takes real work. Approach it in the right spirit and you can do well, I promise.

Matrix, Commission and Bonuses, and Stats – September, 2016

My TrafficWave Autoresponders – Affiliate Downline Organization

TrafficWave Autoresponders Matrix

My TrafficWave Autoresponders – Commissions and Bonuses

TrafficWave Autoresponder Commissions and Bonuses

My TrafficWave Autoresponders – Affiliate Web Site Stats

TrafficWave Autoresponders Affiliate Web Site Stats

If you are interested in see how my business grows, bookmark this page so that you can come back to it when you want.

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