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There seems to be much discussion on the internet about Safelist Mailers, and if they are worth the effort. This article will talk about what safelists are and how they work, the pros and cons of Safelist Mailers, and my own personal thoughts about them.

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What Exactly Are Safelist Mailers?

Firstly, let’s make sure that everyone knows what Safelist Mailers actually are. Basically, they are a way to send out emails to thousands or even tens of thousands of people. You have to use credits to send out your emails, and you earn credits for this by reading other people’s mails that you receive. Different Safelist Mailers have different things, but at the heart of all Safelist Mailers are the credit mailers.

Let’s go into a bit more detail concerning how they work. Each day you will receive a certain amount of emails. The actual amount varies considerably from under 50 to over a 1000, depending on the mailer. It makes no difference because to use safelist well, it’s a numbers game anyway.

Each email opened earns credits. This also varies wildly, depending not only on the site but also what type of email is being read. Some sites pay as little as 3 credits an email, while others may go as high as three thousand credits. This is a little more important as you don’t want to be clicking for hours to only be able to send emails to a few hundred people. How to work out what Safelist Mailers are worth joining is more complex and, unfortunately, we don’t really have time to talk about that here.

How Do I Send Out Emails

The technique for sending out your emails to the other members is more or less the same no matter the website. You click on credit mailer, send an email, system email, or whatever it’s called. You then copy and paste the subject line and email body, insert the link where you want people to go and the amount of credits you want to spend, and then you click the send button. Most Safelist Mailers normally have a frame-breaker test. Once your email has passed the test, it will then be placed in the queue.

If you are wondering when is the best time to send an email, don’t! As I said, your email is put in the queue so the time between when you click ‘send’ and when it actually gets sent will vary, sometimes substantial.

Additionally, as I said, this is a numbers game. You want to be aiming to send tens of thousands of emails every day. If you are trying to work out the best times and remember, you’ll have to think about the time differences for different countries, you’ll be wasting loads of time. Just send as many emails as you can and don’t worry about if they are going to be opened. They will be because it’s the only way people can earn credits to send their own emails.

The Disadvantages of Safelist Mailers

Now let’s have a look at the disadvantages of using Safelist Mailers.

1. You Are Not Building Relationships

You will often hear that the money is in the list but that’s not exactly accurate. The money is really ‘in the relationship’. You need to build credibility and trust, and get to know your customer. Of course, it is possible to build relationships in Safelist Mailers (especially if you include contact information in your email). However, a Safelist Mailer list is not nearly as profitable as a list you have built yourself – that is for certain.

2. The Click-Through Rates Are Low

When you send an email, you can usually check out the statistics including how many clicks it got. In my own experience, click-through rates of between 1% to 2% are normal. There are a few that can reach 10%, and I have seen some people claim that 40% is achievable on one particular site. Personally, I doubt these claims and treat them with a large pinch of salt.

3. You Have Very Little Control

Because the Safelist Mailer is owned by someone else (and set up how they want it to be set up), you have little to no control of your mails True, you can normally find out when it was sent and how many clicks your link got; although, a good tracking system will do that anyway and a great deal more. Also, you have no idea where the email was opened, if it was even open, or the bounce right. Basically, you are sending out emails blindly and hoping for the best.

4. They Can Be Expensive for What You Get

All Safelist Mailers have an upgrade option which means you can send out a lot more emails more often. You get monthly credits, you earn more credits per email opened, and you can often open emails won’t quickly. Sounds good, right? But what are you really getting for that money, especially as you need to join a lot of Safelist Mailers to make this kind of advertising work.

For example, I am a member of 150 or so Safelist Mailers and if I were paying a monthly subscription for each, I would be spending a huge amount . I would be sending out lots of emails but not much else. In fact, I would be much better off paying for a decent autoresponder and paying for my own list-building advertising…much better off.

5. They Come and Go

Safelist Mailers close down often. The larger Safelist Mailers will probably be around for the foreseeable future, but the owners of smaller ones are as fickle as something that is very fickle. You’ll find that even if you do build a relationship with a list and a particular matter, it might all be for naught if the whole site closes down.

6. They’re Not Very Good for Promoting Products

Many marketers think they can sign up to a ClickBank product, promote it with a Safelist Mailer, get half a dozen sales a day, and retire young. Sadly, that just won’t work. In fact, the people who complain about how crappy Safelist Mailers are are probably the people who normally do exactly that.

Internet Marketers want 2 things on the internet – to sell expensive products to earn huge commissions, and to find traffic generation methods, the cheaper the better. This is why when you use Safelist Mailers, promote something that is marketing related and is free, free to join, or cheap enough that you will get people interested.

The Advantages of Safelist Mailers

So, now let’s look at some of the advantages of using safelist.

1. They Are Free

Quite honestly, this is by far the biggest advantage of Safelist Mailers. As long as you have the credits, you can send out thousands or even hundreds of thousands of mails. especially if you use the Safelist Organizer) and never spend a penny. In fact, I am surprised that every Internet Marketer on the planet is not using them.

2. They Are Very Easy to Use

In the ‘disadvantages’ section, I said that you had no control and you were basically sending emails out blindly and hoping for the best. Well, this is also an advantage. Too many marketers are frozen with inaction because they’re concerned about open rates, click-through rates, bounce rates, and so on. Because Safelist Mailers have none of these, or very few anyway, you can just concentrate on the task at hand – sending out as many emails as possible!

3. You Have Hundreds of Ready-Made Lists

Okay, we talked about lack of relationship building with Safelist Mailer lists but so what?! You could sign up to 100 Safelist Mailers today and by this time tomorrow, you could have sent out tens of thousands of mails. If you’re promoting a marketing-related product that cost $47 and you get one sale a day, you’ll earn $1,500 or so each month, just by sending out these emails. Not too shabby at all.

4. The Learning Curve Is Shallow

When you first get into making money online, there’s a steep learning curve, usually interspersed with being scammed once a month. With Safelist Mailers, you really don’t have to worry about being scammed because they are free. There is also almost no learning curve with safelists:

  1. Sign up – usually with bonus credits included.
  2. Send email
  3. Open emails – for more credit
  4. Send email
  5. Open emails
  6. Send email
  7. Repeat ad nauseam – literally

5. They Work Much Better if You Upgrade

Firstly, this is not some sly, underhanded way to get money out of you. Only upgrade with money you earn online, and only upgrade safelists that offer a special-priced lifetime membership. Never do a monthly subscription. Well, never until you are earning so much money that you can hire someone just to manage your Safelist Mailer advertising!

But seriously, upgrades really turbocharge your mailing while also freeing up a lot of your time. For instance, at Mail This List, I upgraded to a lifetime premium account for $49, and I have tons of credits and send out an email every hour. Sure, I run out of credits but when that happens, I spend an hour checking emails. I invest a whole hour because once I reach 100 emails opened, I get 999.999 credits per email. Now that’s a serious amount of credits.

6. They Can Be Quite Good Fun

Many Safelist Mailers now have more than just the a credit mailer. Many have chat sidebars so they are becoming more social, which is one way you can build relationships. Many also have games, competitions, ways to earn extra credit, and rewards. This is, of course, a way to keep people coming back but there’s nothing wrong with that, everyone doing internet marketing wants people to keep coming back.

In my humble opinion, Safelist Mailers are worth doing. True, you are not going to get lots of sign-ups every day, but you will get enough to make it worth your while. Click on this link and you’ll get taken to my Safelist Mailers page. Go sign up for a few and start emailing today. Oh and don’t forget to join the Safest Organizer; it will definitely improve your sign ups.

Thanks for reading my article. Please leave a comment if you have any pros or cons about Safelist Mailers which I didn’t mention.

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