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Prosperity By Design

For quite a lot of people starting now in the world of Multi-Level Marketing, everything can be a bit daunting. With that in mind, I thought I would write a quick article about how to buy scholarships in Prosperity By Design. Read on to find out how to ‘bribe’ people into enrolling!

Your Prosperity By Design Dashboard

Prosperity By Design

Above is the image for the dashboard you first see after logging into the site. Let’s spend a little bit of time quickly looking at each section.

On the left is my picture with a few important details, such as how much I have earned and how much I have spent on tuition fees. Underneath, there are few links to the most important parts of the site. And underneath the links, is a section for all the latest news.

On the right, you have all the people you have personally enrolled. This is useful because Prosperity By Design emails us when pretty much anything happens but emails do get missed. With this system, the moment you login you can see if you have sponsored any new people and then contact them immediately to let them know how to get started etc.

In the center is all the information about the classes you are already enrolled in. To begin with it will be a bit boring as you will only be in the Orientation Class but as you progress it becomes quite fun to see everything growing. Let’s move on.

Creating A Secondary Password

The first thing you need to do if you want to buy a scholarships is to create a secondary password. In fact, this secondary password will be used for all your financial transactions. I’m not sure why Prosperity By Design does this, but I’m assuming it is just to create a second layer of security.

Prosperity By Design

If you look at the image above, you can see that to get to the page which allows you to buy scholarships you need to go to the top menu and hover your cursor over ‘Scholarship’. A drop-down menu should appear and then you just click on ‘Buy Scholarship’. Type in your secondary password and you all ready to go.

Prosperity By Design’s Purchase Wallet

Now you should be seeing a new page that looks like the image below. The top box is where you can find the purchase method. This is one of the best features of Prosperity By Design because you can pay using your purchase wallet which is where your earnings are initially put.

Prosperity By Design

Actually, where your earnings go depend on your ‘Ed Credit Settings’. I have my settings at 100% going into my purchase wallet, which is best for when you are just starting out. Later you can change the settings to 50% or even 0%, which would mean all your money going into your e-wallet.

By the way, it takes seconds to transfer money between the two wallets, so it doesn’t really matter what your settings are. I just think it’s a good idea to leave them at 100% going into your purchase wallet as a personal commitment to reinvest your money until you get to the higher classes.

If you don’t have enough money in your purchase wallet, you will have to select ‘Credit Card’ as the purchase method, and then fill in all the relevant details. Let’s continue.

The Many Different Types of Scholarships

In the next section, you have the option to select the type of scholarship. To be honest, I don’t really understand why anyone would buy a scholarship higher than the Orientation Class. As long as you reinvest your earnings, you’ll never need another scholarship. Anyway, the option is there if you require it.

After you have selected the class, type in how many scholarships you want. The ‘Amount’ and ‘Total Amount’ will fill themselves in automatically. Then you check the box which says, ‘Yes I Want to Buy Scholarship’, and then click the button which says ‘Buy Scholarship’. A pop-up will appear saying something like, ‘Are you sure?’ You say ‘Yes’ and you have bought your scholarships.

Prosperity By Design

Why It Is a Good Idea to Buy Scholarships

Just in case you are wondering why you should buy scholarships, here are three reasons.

If you are just starting out, offering scholarships is a great way to speed up your advancement to the next class. Of course, you could just use the scholarship money to pay for the next class instead, but that is a bit shortsighted for this second reason.

From every person you personally enroll, you can earn $7,100. That is pretty cool in itself but what makes it even cooler is if you think into the future when you are finished with all the classes and all your classes filled with students, you earnings plummet to a big fat zero. However, if you continue to recruit, you may not get any direct benefit from the student being placed under you, but you do get the benefit of 10% of their earnings.

And let’s put that into perspective. 10 personally sponsored students is $71,000 paid to you, presuming they all complete Prosperity By Design in one year. However, enrolling 10 a year is pretty low. Imagine you could enroll two students a month (which, I must be honest, is still pretty low). That would equate to $369,200 a year! How sweet is that!?

Finally, offering scholarships is great if you’re not that great at marketing. Offer people Prosperity By Design for free and then explain the potential earnings (see this article) and not many people say no, for obvious reasons. And that’s pretty much it.

And that’s it. I hope you consider joining me in Prosperity By Design because it really is a great program. If you do, or even if you’re only thinking about it, you should join these Facebook groups.

Our Prosperity By Design Group

TrafficWave Autoresponders And Safelists Group

My Facebook Page

All the best and hopefully I’ll see you inside Prosperity by Design.

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