All You Need to Know About Starting A Facebook Team Build

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Matrix programs are one of the simplest forms of making money online and yet they often end in tears. This is because people don’t realise that the best way to make money with matrix programs is through a Facebook Team Build. In this article we are going to look at how to set up a Facebook team build. At the bottom, you will be able to find a link explaining how matrix programs work.

How to Set Up a Facebook Team Build

Before you start doing any matrix programs, you have to build up a team. Preferably, do this before you start doing the matrix but it depends on how many people you can get in the team build quickly.

You don’t want people waiting for weeks to get started, so only build the team exclusively if you think you can build a big team quickly. Otherwise, you’ll need to do both at the same time.

This next bit is one of the many tricky bits when it comes to building a team build. Do you want people who can recruit or do you want newbies? You probably think you only want people that can recruit but the problem is they are unlikely to join a new team build. In fact, if they are good at recruiting, they probably have a lot of their own teams anyway.

Mind you, that doesn’t mean getting people who CAN’T recruit in is necessarily a bad thing. If you put an ad on Facebook saying:

Facebook Team Build

You will be amazed how many people will join, mainly because 95% of people hate recruiting! This is partly because they have been a bit silly. Many people haven’t set up a Facebook marketing account and don’t want to post stuff that will annoy their Friends and Family. (If you are one of these people, follow this link to get started on the steps to a new Facebook account).

You Need Ninja Marketers, Not Zombie Marketers!

However, it is also partly because people don’t know what to do. And trust me, you’ll need to turn them into ‘Ninja Marketers’ because as the matrix gets bigger, more and more people are needed, and if you have a bunch of ‘Zombie Marketers’, things are going to go very wrong, very quickly.

That is why you should also include “Full Training Given” in the ad. That way, there is an expectation that recruits will need to learn how to recruit. If you put “No Recruiting Necessary”, all you’ll get is a bunch of lazy moaners who do absolutely nothing, and yet complain after two weeks about why they haven’t made enough to retire on yet!

Facebook Team Building and Juicing

Facebook Team BuildsSorry, not that kind of juicing!

The training is pretty simple, but I don’t want to write about that here because it is just a bit too long to include in this article. If you follow THIS LINK, you will get to an article all about Facebook Team Marketing and ‘Juicing’. This includes everything your newbies will need to know about … well, everything.

And that’s pretty much it for starting a team build. You don’t really need much more than the advertisement above (feel free to steal it, by the way. I’m fine with that.), some perseverance, and the LINK to my article on ‘Juicing’, so you can get none-recruiters recruiting.

If you would like to be in my Facebook team build, click on this link which will take you to my Facebook page. Better yet, send me a message saying that you want to be part of our team build. I’ll get back to as quickly as is humanly possible.


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