My Steps to Success Guide – Sorting Out Your Rotators

Alrighty, the next bit may seem a little complicated but it isn’t really. However, it may take you a couple of readings but don’t worry, when I was learning this bit, I needed about half a dozen readings!

First of all, this is only relevant if you have signed up and upgraded in both All 4 Webs and Free Rotator. Just in case you are not sure why you need to upgrade, both these programs have limits in the free option which will mean that your promoting efforts will be far less effective.

If you haven’t use All 4 Webs, but you have created your own promo page using FTP, you can still do this. However, if you haven’t upgraded in Free Rotator, then you will just have to skip this bit as there is absolutely no point you doing it.

Again, at only $10 for a full year, I would be very surprised if you haven’t, so I am very much hoping that you have upgraded in Free Rotator, at the very least. Here’s the link once more if you want to change your mind and sign up.

Ok, let’s move on. We are going to replace the links in the GDI promo page you created with two of the rotators you made. We are going to do this because it means that as people sign up under you, you just need to add their link to the rotator itself. You will never have to go in and change the promo page again, unless it is to create something entirely new.

Go back into the GDI promo page you created in All 4 Webs (or in your Notepad ++ file), and for each of your sign-up referral links, you will now need to replace them with the rotator link you named, ‘GDI Downline members up to level 5’. The referral link looks like this:

You are replacing it with the rotator link that looks like this:

Make sure that when you replace your link you keep the two double quotes that look like this “ ” or your rotator link will not work.

Now use the rotator you have named ‘GDI Testimonials’ to replace the link that takes people to the GDI Testimonials page. We do this because if we don’t, the link just takes them to the sign up page, which is both unexpected and annoying, since they were hoping to see testimonials.

Now your promo page is all set up to start advertising. Every time you get a downline member, no matter where he or she came from, you should add there referral link to the rotator. You do this by going into Free Rotator, clicking ‘Rotators’ in the left-hand sidebar, clicking on the name (not the link) of the rotator, and then clicking ‘Add URL’, which is in the top right-hand corner.

Remember that the link you will be putting in the ‘GDI Downline members up to level 5’ rotator will look like the one you’ve just replaced in your own promo page. This one:

with XXXX being the GDI ID of your downline members.

Also, remember that you have two rotators. You must update the rotator link named ‘GDI Testimonials’ with a different link. It looks like this: ‘’ with xxxx being the GDI ID of your downline members.

Note that you must not only add new members but remember to take members out once they have got their downline. It’s up to you when you take them out.

To begin with, you can keep them in till they get four or even five. However, as you add more and more people in the rotator, you are going to need to take them out more quickly.

Don’t worry though. As long as everyone under you is doing the same as you, the downlines of all your downline will grow nice and quickly.

So let’s make sure we have done everything correctly. You have replaced all the sign up links with the rotator named, ‘GDI Downline members up to level 5’ and you have replaced the testimonials link with the rotator named, ‘GDI Testimonials’.

It sounds quite easy when I put it like that, but I know that it isn’t that easy.

You still have two more rotators that you haven’t used and we are going to use them in the next guide.

Well done on getting this far. I think you deserve a couple of beers or glasses of wine, plus of few ciggies if you still are saddled, like I am, with that particular vice.

Now let’s move on to the next step by clicking the image below.

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