How to Increase the Speed of Your Website in Three Easy Steps

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The other day, I was trying to do something on my wordpress website and I noticed that it had slowed down dramatically. I tried disabling the last plugin I had installed and all that sort of thing but it was still taking forever to load. You’ll be pleased to know (I’m sure) that I fixed the problem. Read on and I’ll share with you how to increase the speed of your website.

How to Check the Speed of Your Website.

The first thing to do is test the speed of your website, which is not the same thing as testing the speed of you internet connection. There are many sites to do this but I recommend you use Pingdom for a couple of reasons. Firstly it tells you how fast your site is. Secondly and much more helpfully, it also tells you what’s wrong. If you have done that you will get a result that looks something like this.

how to increase the speed of your website

As you can see, my results are pretty good, although they could certainly be better. Also, you can actually see what is slowing down my site in the image below.

So, let’s look at how to increase the speed of your website by fixing the problems that you have just discovered, and whatever you do, don’t go to google developers; it is way too complicated. By the way, we’re just going to concentrate on the two problems I found with my site as they seem to be very common.

How to Remove Query Strings From Static Resources

Fortunately, WordPress being WordPress, there is almost always a plugin for whatever ails you and remove query strings from static resources is no exception.

First, you need to go to this site and download the plugin. Once you have downloaded it, go to your WordPress dashboard, click plugins, upload plugin, and then install it.

That’s how to increase the speed of your website. The plugin should do its thing and if you check Pingdom, you should see that query strings from static resource problems have disappeared, I hope.

How to Fix Leverage Browser Caching Problems

If you have a big letter F before Leverage Browser Caching and the following “The following cacheable resources have a short freshness lifetime. Specify an expiration at least one week in the future for the following resources”, then you probably have a problem with a plugin. Here’s what you need to do.

That is how to increase the speed of your website

Step 1 – You need to disable all you plugins. Now, don’t worry, you shouldn’t break your website but it is still worth backing everything up just in case. Now disable everything by selecting all the plugins and then clicking ‘Deactivate’ as you can see in the image below.

That is how to increase the speed of your website

Step 2 – Run the Pingdom website test again and hopefully you will see that most, if not all al your leverage browser caching problems should have disappeared. That’s also how to increase the speed of your website but as you now don’t have any plugins running, you need to do some more steps.

Step 3 – Go back to your website plugins and start activating them one by one. Remember, you need to go back to Pingdom every time you activate a plugin and run the test again. If nothing changes, activate the next plugin. If you get a load more link, you know that you have found the plugin slowing down your website.

Step 4 – Deactivate the plugin and delete it. Then, look for another plugin that does a similar task. Apparently, Share This is one plugin that causes these types of problems. So, instead of using Share This, you could use AddToAny Share Buttons that doesn’t cause any problems, or not on my website anyway.

Step 5 – Continue as you were doing in Step 4 until you have found all the plugins slowing down your site, and that you have replaced all the plugins affecting your site, and you have activated all your plugins.

That’s How to Increase the Speed of Your Website

And there you have it. You should have a much faster website. As you can see below, my website ended up scoring grade A!

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Hope the information above has helped. If it has, please leave a comment to help my Google ranking. Cheers.

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