How to Start Facebook Marketing Successfully – Part 1

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I have been making money online for quite a while now and most of the time I have struggled. Not because making money online is particular difficult. It’s just that I decided I was going to make it difficult, mainly by not following what the successful marketers were doing. So, here is my masterclass in making money online using Facebook Marketing.

Facebook Marketing Needs a Dedicated Account

You cannot use the same account to sell online that you use to keep up-to-date with your friends and family, and to post pics of what you are eating. Also, you cannot post stuff about why trump is great, why people who believe In God are idiots, or why all immigrants are bad. I’m sorry but you can’t.

People try to use one account for both activities, and they just end up in a real mess. So, step #1. Set up a dedicated account (using a different email and a different phone number) and use it for Facebook Marketing.

Facebook MarketingSet Up Your New Account Now

Make sure you start posting on it immediately so that it has content. Also, don’t be afraid to show people who you are, what your family looks like, what you do in your free time, and even what your job is. Unless you can walk the walk and prove that you are making real money online, don’t pretend you are. Pretty much anyone can tell you are bullshitting so don’t!

Start by Joining Facebook Marketing Groups

I read somewhere that only 17% of people see your posts, or is it only 17% of your posts are seen by everyone? To be honest, I’m not sure but the number 17% is important. If only 17% of people see your posts and you only have a couple of hundred friends then only 30 people will see what you are selling, which is not good enough.

So, the first thing you need for decent Facebook Marketing is friends and a lot of them. In fact, you need 5000, which is the maximum Facebook will allow you to have. But where to get them?

To find friends, who are doing the same thing as you are, I would start by joining Facebook groups. Start with the more generic ‘make money online’ ones. You can join groups that are closer to your niche when you find out what your niche is. Here are a few suggestions

A word of warning. You need to be careful. Facebook will lock you out in a second if it suspects you are creating a Facebook Marketing account, even though there is nothing that says you can’t.

I would start joining groups very slowly, maybe just 10 a day (five in the morning and five in the evening) and stick with that for a few weeks at least. Then, increase the amount of groups you join in small increments (15 a day then, then 20 a day and so on), and remember to spread your requests out throughout the entire day.

Also, make sure you have the notification switched on for groups you are joining. This is a necessary evil because you need to comment on posts, like posts, and so on as this will also give you credibility.

Now You Are in Groups, You Need Friends

If you have no friends in your new account, most marketers are going to ignore you. That sounds horrible, but it’s a fact. Of course, you want the big marketers with lots of friends, but it is difficult in the beginning. Since you are not trying to sell anything at the moment, you shouldn’t worry too much.

Start by just adding anyone. Once you have got a decent amount, you can start adding some of the bigger guns. Just make sure you have lots of content and posts, and that you have made generally sensible comments. Remember, you are using your marketing account, so keep to that type of content.

Facebook Marketing

It’s Important to Have Friends

Later on, not having friends will change into not having mutual friends. If someone friend requests me and we only have a few mutual friends, I’ll probably delete the request and if the profile is brand new, I might even mark it as spam. Get enough of those and Facebook will lock your account.

One thing that might help get more successful marketers in your friends’ list is to appeal to their vanity. To be honest, we say we don’t want recognition as ‘gurus’, for want of a better word, but we kinda do!

You Have Groups, You Have Friends. Now What?

If I were able to talk to me five years ago, I would tell me to “shut the hell up on Facebook and learn as much as possible” about Facebook Marketing. And I’d tell me to do that for a whole year.

Then, I would tell me to sit down at the end of that year and write down the names of the people I trust on Facebook, the types of program I thought had real value, and the ways the people I trusted had marketed that type of program successfully. And then I would tell me to copy them.

By the way, the people that you trust on Facebook are the people who have been promoting programs which are successful programs. If you have people on Facebook that are promoting programs that generally stop working after a few days or weeks, then they are not the kind of people you want as Facebook friends.


And guess what? That’s what I’m telling you to do now. Okay, if you’re a quick learner it might only be six months, but whatever you do, try and learn as much as possible before you start selling on Facebook.

Remember that you might also need to change what type of programs you market. Some programs will last a lifetime but others will come and go with the seasons. Three years ago, revshares were by far the biggest business. Now, anyone who does revshares is an idiot and not even considered a serious online marketer.

Do not end up in a group of people who do revshares. One or two make all the money and pretty much everyone else loses.

Beware the Serial Recruiter

Before I finish, I want you to stay away from one type of person. This is the person who says you can make millions if you only join his program. The type of person who can recruit hundreds if not thousands of people into a program with promises of fortunes to be made.

The only reason these people are making fortunes with Facebook Marketing is because they are recruiting people into paid programs. What they do is get a commission when you join the program, but the only way you can make money is if you recruit hundreds or thousands of people too. But you can’t, because very few people can.

Facebook Marketing

One Well-Known Serial Recruiter on Facebook

It’s not like they made a fortune selling buttons and then got everyone else to make a fortune by selling buttons too. The thing is they are not getting rich by selling a product, although a product might be involved. They are getting rich because they are persuading you to pay for a product, knowing that it is very unlikely you will ever be able to recruit enough people to make money yourself. How do I know? Because I joined under quite a few of these people before I worked it out.

And that’s it. Sorry if you expected me to tell you the secret of instant wealth through Facebook marketing but there is no such thing. It takes time, experience, trial and error, and a host other things before you’ll become a decent Facebook marketer.

Of course I might be wrong about instant wealth. If you think there is one, post it in the comments section below.

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