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Hello and welcome back to my blog. In this video from Affilorama, we are going to look at how to find guest blogging opportunities and the power of backlinks. This is much easier when have the help of AffiloTools. If you don’t know what AffiloTools is, it is a cloud-based software suite that has all of the tools you need for internet marketing – including the link finder module, which is great for SEO, and what we will be looking at below. If you are in a rush, forget the video and click this link now.

As usual, I have included a little overview below the video. However, I recommend that if you want to see how AffiloTools works properly, you need to watch the video out.

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The way you find blogs that allow guest blog posts is to go into AffiloTools. Then, click on the ‘Links’ button in the left-hand side bar with the heading ‘Research’. What that will do is scrape the internet looking for linking opportunities in blogs for the keyword you have searched for.

Google Loves Backlinks

In the video, we first see how the process works in general. We would deselect the search option for comments and directories as we are only interested in blogs. Then we would put in the keyword we want to use and then we click a button and AffiloTools searches blogs and websites related to that keyword. And that is how AffiloTools finds the links for guest blogging opportunities where you can put your link to your site, thus creating a backlink that Google loves.

The website that the presenter (I wish she said her name at the beginning) is using is called ‘Enlightenment Gateway’. It is a self-improvement blog and she chooses a keyword that would normally be difficult to find links for. She chooses ‘meditation techniques’ and clicks the search button. There is a short pause while AffiloTools does its thing, and then up pops instances of websites in the ‘meditation techniques’ niche that have guest blogging post opportunities.

When AffiloTools finishes, there are 259 potential links. Imagine if it were possible to do a guest blog for each of those sites. That would be 259 backlinks to your site! AffiloTools also allows you to filter the websites based on Domain Authority and Page Authority. This is pretty cool to because the higher the authority, the better.

You Never Know What You Might Find

One thing that is very surprising with this example is that one of the websites right at the top is a huge self-improvement niche. The presenter had no idea that it accepted guest blogs and this is really important. There are very high authority, very well-known blog sites in many other niches, and yet we have no idea whether they accept guest posts or not. AffiloTools finds these blogs for us.

And in fact when we follow the link in the video, the webpage opens up in the website that we are talking about and sure enough, there is an editor’s note saying that this is a guest post from somebody and the name of the blog the person writing the article owns.

What’s even better is that once you have found these sites, and you write a decent piece of content that gets accepted,¬†you will have a backlink to your site from a site that has massive authority, which from Google’s point of view is great.

You Don’t Need to Be a Great Writer.

And remember you don’t need to be a great writer. In fact, if you look at many blogs (including my own some would say) the writing is no more than satisfactory. I would say that it doesn’t really matter how good your writing is. It’s great content that Google is after these days, and it is the same with the websites that allow guests blog posts. They are not looking for the next JK Rowling or Ernest Hemingway. They are looking for somebody who who can string a few sentences together and that gives value to their own website.

The video goes on for another couple of minutes or so. However, I think you have got the general idea of what AffiloTools can do and how much it can improve your website SEO. Like I said, all you need is to get backlinks to your site from just a few of the authority sites. It would massively help your website and its rankings in Google if you can.

Use AffiloTools to Give Yourself a Headstart

And I have got good news! If you wish to check out AffiloTools, you merely need to spend $1 for the demo. You will have AffiloTools for just $1 for a complete month, with absolutely no limits.

I personally endorse it because it’s saved me precious time, and taught me to be much more productive. As a result of using the resources, my site rankings are much better than they were before. Moreover, you will find plenty of other wonderful bonuses as well. Click here to find out more.

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