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Hi everyone and welcome to my website. Today, we have an ‘Ask Mark’ video from Mark Ling, the 8-figure millionaire owner of Affilorama. One of the reasons I like doing these ‘Ask Mark’ videos is that I often see something he didn’t emphasise enough. Of course, Mark always gives excellent answers but because he is speaking about one thing, he may think that he shouldn’t confuse the message by emphasising another thing. That is why this post is really about Google AdSense and AffiloTools.

As always, I have written an overview of his answer below the video.

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With all the free advice on the internet today such as Wiki sites, government sites and so forth, how do you compete with these free information sites with your products for purchase?

It’s actually a pretty good question. Here are Mark’s three answers:

People Don’t Have the Time or the Patience

Yes, there are lots of content sites out there but people don’t always want to wade through hundreds and hundreds of websites just because the information is free. They may not have the time or the patience to find the information they want when paid products will do it much quicker.

Also, lots of people look for something specific which is a crisis situation for them anyway. I.e. something they want to fix quickly. Here’s an example. They need dog training because their dog keeps jumping up on other people on the front lawn. That pretty specific and they will often pay money happily if the information they get works.

You Are Not Looking to Target Everyone

It’s also worth remembering that you only need one out of every 100 or 200 visitors to your website to make money. You could be getting hundreds of visitors a day and even if you only make a sale every 100 visitors that could still work out as pretty good money. In other words, you don’t want to target everyone, just target everybody who may pay.

Use Google AdSense to Earn More Money

Finally, with all these free information websites, they can also be your friend. If you have a lot of them and they all have your Google AdSense positions, what you advertise on these websites can do well for you. Quite often people will click AdSense ads and buy a product, then you have made money in two ways. You have made money from Google Adsense and if you are an affiliate of the product they bought, you have made money there. That’s, too bad, is it.

*Please note: I have edited the above for clarity and to make it more readable.

I think the fact that Mark mentioned Google AdSense shows that it is still a great way to earn money. I have to say, I am pretty guilty of ignoring Google AdSense, but that is partly because I live in Indonesia and have no way of getting paid. When I move back to the UK next year, then I will certainly do a lot more studying. Anyway, if you click this link, you can get an idea of how it all works.

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