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Hello and welcome back to my blog – Death to Commuting. In this article, I am going to tell you all about Get7Up. This is a relatively new advertising program. Not only is it a very nice site for advertising but it also has a cracking payment structure, which could (potentially) lead to a substantial income over time. So, read on to find out why I think Get7Up is for you.

Traffic Is the Life-Blood of Any Program

Let’s start with the primary reason for Get7Up existing, which is as an advertising platform. If you are in trying to make money online, the biggest problem you probably have is getting people to see your offer. Don’t worry, you are not alone.

Get7Up offers you two types of advertising service. The first one is the opportunity to have 2 468×60 banners rotating around the site. This is well worth the $10 it costs to join as your banners will be seen 1000s if not 100s of 1000s of times.

As the membership grows, that number could grow into millions but let’s leave it as a realistic number for the moment. Check out the image below for where you need to click to find the place to put your banners.

But that’s not all. Get7Up also gives you the opportunity to add five other programs in your own personal downline builder. This is another great resource as anyone who joins will add their own programs. When they add their programs, they will also see what you are promoting.

At some point in the future, if you have built up a relationship with the people who have signed up under you in Get7Up (as I always try to do), they will probably ask you what the programs you are promoting are all about.

If the person who has signed up under you doesn’t want to sign up for the programs you are promoting, that’s fine. Your username will be placed in the relevant box and if any of his downline sign up, they will be placed under you.

What was a lost opportunity for your Get7Up downline, becomes a bonus sign-up for you. You can add your programs by clicking here:


How the Get7Up Commission Structure Works

Every person you personally sign up is yours. There is no forced spillover so if you sign up 100 people, those 100 are all on your Level 1.

By the way, the first person you sign up gets passed up to your powerline. This means that you do not earn anything from that first sign up. But don’t complain! This is good news and here’s why.

We are going to do some wild daydreaming and say that you (and all your downline) sign up one person a day. Yes, I know that’s not very realistic but it could be. I’ll explain in a minute why, but let’s get back to the daydreaming.

You sign up your second person on Day 2 and you immediately earn $7 commission. On Day 3, you sign up your 3rd person and earn another $7, PLUS your 2nd person signs up their 1st person so you earn another $7. So, you have earned $14 and $21 in total.

On Day 4, you sign up your 4th person ($7), your 2nd person signs up their 2nd person ($0), their 1st person signs up their 1st person ($7), and your 3rd person signs up their 1st person ($7). So, you have earned another $21, but in one day. Now you have earned $42 in total.

Day 5 and you sign up another person ($7). Your 2nd person signs up their 3rd ($0), your 3rd person signs up their 2nd ($0), your 4th signs up their 1st ($7), Your 3rd signs up their 1st ($7), and your 2nd person’s 1st person signs up their 1st ($7), which means you have earned $28 for the day, with a total of $70.

Ok, if I went on, it would get even more confusing. Basically, by using the same daily formula, your earnings would increase by $7 every day. This means that your earnings would look like this (I’m ignoring the first person we pass up to make things simpler):

  • Day 01: $07
  • Day 02: $14
  • Day 03: $21
  • Day 04: $28
  • Day 05: $35
  • Day 06: $42
  • Day 07: $49
  • Day 08: $56
  • Day 09: $63
  • Day 10: $70
  • Day 20: $140
  • Day 50: $350

And so on. And remember those are daily earnings, not total earnings!

To Be Successful, You Have Got to Invest

But I know what you are thinking. Those numbers look great but they are completely unrealistic. Well, yes and no. If you were trying to find one person a day to pay into the program, you might struggle.

Even though the program is only $10 bucks, and even though the potential earnings are huge, most people will not part with $10.

However, when you pay people into a program, something strange happens. They are not only much happier to join (not surprisingly), but they also seem to be happier to pay for other people to join.

So the way to seriously speed up your earnings is to pay for people to get in and get them to do the same, making sure to get them to get the people they PIF in to do the same and so on.

Of course, the earnings above will decrease slightly because you are making an investment of $10 to get people in, but who cares? In the long run, you will still be making sweet, sweet money.

And there you have it. How to make big money by paying people into an advertising program.

Sign up by clicking the image below. When you have done that, email me at gecensor at gmail dot com and tell me you have signed up. I will then pay you in.

If you then do the same thing and can get your downline to do the same thing etc, we will all make some big money, which would be very nice.

Need some ideas on marketing? You could do a lot worse than start here.

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