Get More Click-Throughs on Your Site in 7 Easy Steps

You’ve got lots of people visiting your website everything is going swimmingly, but you suddenly realize you’re not actually making any sales. So, how do you get more click-throughs, increase conversions, and get more sales? Watch the video below.

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7 Steps to How to Get More Click-Throughs

In the video, we see that we are getting to learn the following

  • High demand market
  • Eliminate website flaws
  • Post content that sells
  • Explain the benefits
  • Position your links wisely
  • Always finish with a CTA
  • Optimize your email marketing

High Demand Market

Mark starts off with the first one in the list about targeting a high demand market. First of all, you need to choose affiliate programs that answer needs and desires or you will never get more click-throughs. There is a great bit of training on Affilorama about exactly that. Follow this link.

It’s also important to bring in niche-relevant buyers with high ‘buyer intent’ keywords. Yeah you need to check demand via search volumes. A great place to learn all about basic keyword research is this article here.

Eliminate Website Flaws

Next, it’s important to eliminate website flaws. This is important because there is nothing worse than a website that doesn’t work properly. One of the major things you need to think about is page load times. Here is a very useful link that will help fix your website, and here is a very interesting infographic that I ‘borrowed’ from the video that shows the benefits of a fixed site.

Get More Click-Throughs

You also need to ensure your layout is clear and easy to navigate. Finally, your headlines need to be awesome. Make sure they are attention-grabbing and to the point. And finally, make sure your website is mobile-friendly i.e. responsive

Post Content That Sells

Next, you need to post content that sells if you want to get more click-throughs. Reviews are great, which is why you see so many of them. Another great way to post content that sells is through product comparison articles and lists are also very popular. Personal stories are pretty good too. People love stories, especially stories about how people overcame an obstacle or a personal setback. Returning to headlines, write them so they speak to people directly. However, be careful not to be too specific.

Explain the Benefits

Let’s move on to explaining the benefits. It’s not enough to just list the features. You need to say what the product will really do for your prospective customers. Check out the following crazy graphic.

Get More Click-Throughs

Position Your Links Wisely

Where you place your links is also very important. Banner blindness is a major problem so you are not going to¬†get more click-throughs by sticking banners all over the place. Adding links to your content now works much better than banners. Don’t be afraid to put links above the fold either. And make sure you place your links wisely in the main body, not just whenever you get bored. And don’t forget to put a link at the end of your content with a Call To Action (CTA).

Always Finish With a CTA

‘Calls To Action’ are incredibly important too. It is important to tell people what to do or they won’t do it. Include internal links to more relevant content and tell people to go check it out. This is how to build more of a relationship with your readers. Encouraging them to sign up for your newsletter is also a really good idea.

Optimize your email marketing

Finally let’s look at email marketing and how much it can do for you. First of all, you should check out this link that will take you to Affilorama’s Email Marketing Training, which is part of Affilorama’s awesome free training program that you can sign up to here.

You can also check out Affilorama’s famous Blueprint program for a step-by-step guide to affiliate marketing. Or if you want the ultimate completely done-for-you program, check out AffiloJetpack here and get a great discount!

Anyway, back to the video. The first thing that you need to think about is the optin form’s position. Make sure your optin is enticing. Include a bribe or incentive of some kind.

And show your newsletters have real content value. Don’t just keep trying to sell like the God awful spamming marketers do. Finally, promote seamlessly. If things don’t flow naturally, subscribers will be turned off and unsubscribe.


And there you have it. Let’s summarize what we have learned:

  • Target a high demand niche
  • Eliminate website flaws
  • Post content that sells
  • Explain the benefits
  • Position your links wisely
  • Always finish for the CTA
  • Optimize your email marketing

If you do all the above and you have already got the traffic, you really can’t fail.

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