Key List Marketing Review

Key List Marketing

Key List Marketing is another one of the safelist mailers I use on a regular basis and I have to say I like it. Read on to find out about the many advantages of using this great safelist.

The Best Bits about Key List Marketing

There’s quite a list here so you might have to bear with me (or you could just stop reading, click the image above and sign up now!)

Key List Marketing is one of the few safelists that actually has a PTC (Paid To Click) page. Sadly, there are not that many ads there so don’t join for this reason. It is no ClixSense or Buxvertise, that’s for sure. However, I am one of these ‘glass half-full’ type of people so I look at PTC ads as unexpected bonuses when they appear.

There Are Some Great Weekly Competitions

Next, it has a Top Promoters competition that runs every week. Why I particularly like this is that you don’t have to get any referrals (although it’s great if you do, obviously). No, for this competition, all you have to do is show your link to as many people as possible. Every time someone sees your link, you get two points. If you are the top promoter at the end of the week (Sunday evening/Monday morning), you get a prize. Funnily enough, while I was looking around the site trying to find out what the prize was, I discovered something. You can earn more points for promoting your link on particular sites, which is even cooler. Remember, you don’t have to refer anyone, you just have to show your link.

Another competition that Key List Marketing runs is a weekly jackpot. This is about points as well, but there are many more ways to earn that just promoting. Please ignore the links in the image as they are not active.

Key List Marketing Jackpot Points

Finally, the last thing I like about Key List Marketing is the credits that you earn for each email opened. These start at a respectable 20 credits and increase the more you open. I realise that the point of these safelist mailers is to get us to upgrade. However, I feel much more inclined to upgrade when I feel that the owner is being generous. When I think the owner is being stingy, by giving only a few credits per email, I feel less inclined to upgrade.

The Bad Bits about Key List Marketing

Key List Marketing’s missed credits page is extremely annoying. You get a list of unopened emails. Then, you click on the first subject line and another page opens up (but not the actual email). Then, you have to click on the link in the email and, finally, the email which earns you the credits opens up. Many safelists allow you to go straight from subject line to email, which I think is eminently more sensible.

The other disadvantage of the above is that Google Chrome has a very useful little extension called ‘Linkclump’. This allows you to select multiple links to open at the same time. Okay, this works with Key List Marketing, but the point is that it doesn’t speed up the reading of emails, which is what you want to achieve when using ‘Linkclump’.

Another slightly annoying thing is that you can only open five emails at one time. It’s only a little thing but it slows you down. The difference between opening five and ten, which many safelist sites let you do, is quite surprising. On top of this, the script that Key List Marketing uses sometimes gets a bit confused so that, while you think you have five emails open, Key List Marketing thinks you have six, or even seven, so you will only be able to open three emails at a time!

Finally, if you are into Zubees, you won’t find any here. I collect Zubees all the time, although I have to confess I am not quite sure what to do with them, and if you do too, then you will be missing out.

Remember! It’s All About the Numbers

And that’s it. As with all safelists, it’s a numbers game. If you can stick at emailing to thousands of people every day, knowing that you will only succeed a couple of times, then safelists are for you.

And don’t make the mistake of thinking that ‘only’ a couple of successes a day means it’s not worth doing. If I get a couple of people signing up to my favourite program,, every day, I am extremely happy, because it means I’m well on my way to reaching my goal of $88,000 a month! Put your info in the box below for more great news about

State Of The Art Mailer Review


Today, I’d like to do a little run through of State of The Art Mailer, which will be known as SOTAM from now on, for obvious reasons.

Click Five Links, Gain A Mailer!

State of The Art Mailer Is One Serious Mailer

State of The Art Mailer (Sorry, SOTAM), which has been online for SIX years, is a mailer with 30,000 plus members. One of the reasons I like SOTAM so much is that it is not like all the other mailers out there; even its website is unusual. Of course, you might be reading this in the future when it has been copied by a bunch of other people but at the moment, it stands out from the others in almost every respect.

It has some of the usual features of other mailers too, though. It has different levels and these levels tell you how many members you can send an email to. The image below is a screenshot of my homepage. I’m at the bottom as I haven’t upgraded yet (and tell you why in a minute). As you can see, I can mail 500 members every five days, which is a longer wait than most but not as long as some.

State Of The Art Mailer

Golden Solo Tickets Are Golden

One way you can upgrade is to use credits that you have earned by reading emails, which ranges from 10 to 15. The problem with this is that I never reach the required amount of credits. Well, I do, but I never use them because I am always spending them on Golden Solo tickets, and that was me segueing in to what I think is one of the best things about SOTAM.

Golden Solo tickets are tickets that allow you to email your offer to 30,000 members. There are two ways to get a ticket. The first way is to buy one. Below, there is an image with the prices for 1, 5, 10, and 20 tickets. You can also see that SOTAM says you will get nearly 1000 visits per Golden Solo ticket (with the usual disclaimer, of course). The second way is more fun and is the reason why I never have credits to level-up.

Every day, SOTAM sets you a target to read all your emails so that you have less than 10 remaining in your inbox. If you achieve this, you then get one chance to win a free ticket (see image below). But that’s not all! You then have the opportunity to read Extended Ads. If you read 100 Extended Ads, you will get a second chance to win a ticket.

State Of The Art Mailer

Time-Bonus Banner Ad Time

I think this is a very cool feature but you may be asking why I blow my credits on extra chances to win a Golden Solo ticket. Well, I’ll tell you. If you don’t win (and I haven’t yet) you get your entries converted into hours that can be used to show you banner(s) on SOTAM. Take a look at the shot below of the Time-Bonus Banner Ad time.

State Of The Art MailerMy Fast Cash Mechanics Banner – Expired

State of The Art Mailer My Fast Cash Mechanics Banner – Active

One annoying thing is that I have allocated 50% of my Banner Ad time to my banner but it doesn’t seem to be working, and I haven’t worked out why. Still, it’s hardly a game-changer so I’m not over bothered.

Button Escalation

There is also something called Button Escalation. I was going to tell you all about it but then I remembered that the guys at SOTAM had done a video all about it, so here it is.


There are many other features, that I won’t go into now, which make State of The Art Mailer one of the best mailers around and explains why it has been going so long. Personally, I love it and I feel it is really worth the time. If you’d like to check it out, here’s the link, or just click the Golden Solo Ticket below.

Golden Solo

My Viral Mailers and Safelists

Viral Mailers

If you are here, this table may well not be finished. Bookmark it for later so you can get all the links of all the best mailers.

Links are affiliate links.

Email schedules may vary depending on what level you are. Please check the site itself if you want to be sure how often you can email other members.

Promo codes worked when this post was created. This may not be the case when you try them. If they don’t work, try these three sites.

Traffic Codex – Traffic Exchange and Viral List Builder Promo Codes
Exclusive Promo Codes – Thousands of Dollars Worth of Free Advertising Promotion Code – Free solo email ads and banner advertising for everyone!

Pleas Note: Do not simply copy and paste the promo codes! This will not work all the time! You must actually type in the code into the promo boxes. (Thx to Advertising Blowout for this tip)

[table caption=”My Mailers” width=”500″ colwidth=”20|100|50″
Mailer,Verified Members,Email Schedule,Promo Code 1,Promo Code 2,Promo Code 3
1-2-3 List,2237,2-7 days,newmember,TRUCKLOADSOLOS
1 Minute Mailer,3600,xxxx,CODEX1Minute,TVM1Minute,1MinuteHurricane
100 Percent Mailer,5591,5 Days,Sorry,None,Found
2 Crazy Dudes Mailer,2000,1 Day,Sorry,None,Found
4 Aces Viral Mailer,500,Daily,4aces50now,
75% Mailer,2528,xxx,FREECODEX,GIMME1000,5B5783AD13
Action Mails,1200,xxxx,ActionCodex,HurricaneAction
Active Safelist,5000,Twice a Day,Sorry,None,Found
Ad Master Plus
Ad Master Safelist
Ad Solution Online
Ad Tactics
Ad Troopers,15000,5 Days,25000 credits free on sign up
AdJockeys Safelist
AdPirate Safelist
Adventure Adz,800,2 Days,ADVENTURE
Almighty Safelist
Aloha Viral Discovery
Alpha Mails
Ant Mailer,1500,24 Hours,AntMailerRocks,Ant4viraltraffichurricane,TryAntMailer
Arty Beez Viral Mailer,650,3 Days,2ndTC50
Atomic Mailer
Aussie Mailer
Avalanche Safelist
Bakery Mailer
Best List Mailer
Big Bang Mailer
Black Diamond Mailer
Blazing Hot Viral Mailer
Booming Website Traffic
Build My Downlines
Buzz Bee Advertising
CEO Marketing Path
Click My Offers
Click Or Return Email Wiz
Continental Safelist
Conversion Mail
Crocs Hideaway
Daily Credit Mailer
Daily Mail Blaster
Dirt Cheap Mailer
Disaster Ads (2012 Ads),Solo Ads Only,Credit-Based Solo Ads Only,Sorry,None,Found
Downline Builder Direct,75000,5 Days,7F9BF99B40,10klove,15000bonuscredits
,,More DBD Codes!,ddubbs,20000freefrombill,200freefrombill
,,Yet More Codes!,RA15000FREE,LBM15000FREE
Downline Maxx
Dr. Safelist
Dragon Safelist
Dream Viral Mailer
Dynamite Mailing Explosion
Dynamite Safelist
Easy Cash List Building System
Easy Peasy Mailer
Easy Profit List
Effective Safelist
Elite Safelist
Email Hog
Email Traffic List,10642,5 Days,viralbonusfree,
Equus Safelist
European Safelist
Explosive Mailer
EZ Profit List
Ezy Mail Cash
Fast Cash Mailer
Fast List Mailer
Fox Emails
Free Ads Mailer,7313,12 Hours,get25more,levelup,signup
Free Bee Safelist
Galaxy Emails
Galaxy Mailz
Genie Mailer
Global Hits Plus
Global Safelist
Global Viral Mailer
Global Viral Safelist
Go Green Cash Mailer
Golden Chest Mailer
Golden Op Safelist
Got Safelist
Grapevine Mailer
Green Elist
Gremlin Mails
Guaranteed Mails,1526,5 Days,
Guaranteed Results 4 U
Gypsy Mails
Happy Face Mailer
High IQ Mailer
High Priority Ads
Hot List Mailer
Hot Spot Mailer
Insta Bucks Mailz
Instant List Empire
Instant Mailz
Instant Viral Mailer
Jackpot Mailer
Key List Marketing
Land Marketing Mailer
Lazer Hits
Legacy Mailer
Lifetime Mailer
Light Speed Mailer
List Ablaze
List Achiever
List Adventure
List Avail
List Bonus
List Builder Mayhem
List Building Maximizer,18000,xxxx,twe,76124A3802,C2C1A17ED8,10klove,
,More Codes,LBM15000FREE,580A0A8237,viralprofitlist,ddubbs,
List Effects
List Insomnia
List Joe
List Jumper
List Nerds
List Outbreak
List Punk
List Retro
List Return
List Surfing
List Vapor
List Volta
List Zillion
LOL Solos Instant Viral Mailer,3500,
Lucky 7 Mailer
Magic Emails
Magical Mailer,7148,
Mail List Today
Mail Our List
Mailer 4 All
Mailer Daddy
Mailer Safelist
Mails from the Crypt
Majestic Viral Mailer
Mardi Gras Mailer
Marketers Safelist
Marketing Checkpoint
Marvel Email
Massive Traffic List
Master List Mailer
Max Mailer Pro
Mega Traffic List
Megatron Mailer
Midnight Sun Safelist
Mighty Mouse Mailer
Million Leads For Free
Mister Safelist
My Cash List
My Free Resources
My List Frog
My Push Button Traffic
My Safelist Biz Mailer
My Viral Mailbox
Northern Mailer
Paid Viral Mailer
Paragon Mailer
Planet Safelist
Power Profit List
Progressive Mailer
Prospect Geyser Co-op
Puffin Mailer
Quality Safelist
Quick List Profits
Quick Mailz
Reactive Adz
Realm of Gold
RedStag Mailer
Residual Traffic Mailer
Richy Rich Mailer
Rock n Roll Hits
Rock Star Traffic
Rocket Ads
Rodeo Mailer
Royal Mailz
Rush Our Traffic
Safari Mailer
Safe Blast
Safelist King
Safelist Monster
Safelist Plus
Safelist Pro
Safelist Xtreme
Simple Safelist
Soaring Mailer
Social Viral Mailer
Solo Credits
Special Delivery Mailer
Speedy Traffic Mailer
State Of The Art Mailer,4941,5 Days,Sorry,None,Found
Success Fuel Traffic
Sugar Mailz
Sunny Mailer
Super List Explode
Super Safe Mailer
Supreme List
Supreme Solo Ads
Surfers 2U,
Target Safelist
The Last Mailer
The Last Mailer
The Lead Effect
The Lead Effect
The Lead Magnet
The Lead Magnet
The List Auction
The List Auction
The Mail Bag Safelist
The Mail Bag Safelist
The Money List Mailer
The Money List Mailer
The Optin
The Optin
The SMG Mailer
The SMG Mailer
Tiger Solo Ads
Top Priority Mailer
Top Tier Mailer
Traffic Annihilator
Traffic Bailout
Traffic Barrage
Traffic Booster Mailer
Traffic Leads 2 Income Viral Mailer
Traffic Puck Mailer
Traffic Xpress
Traffic Zip
Triumph Mailer
TWE Safelist
Ultimate Profit List
US Largest Safelist
Viral Ad Magnet
Viral Ad Store
Viral Ads Mailer
Viral Blitz Mailer
Viral Cash Mailer
Viral Hosts
Viral Inbox
Viral List Builder Plus
Viral List Dynamics
Viral Mail Profits
Viral Mailer Haven
Viral Mailman
Viral Nugget
Viral Profit Mailer
Viral Safelist Mailer
Web’s Best Mailer
Whitelist Email Marketing
Wild Hog Mailer
Wonder Mailer
Work Online Ads
Work Online Ads
World’s Largest Safelist
Xplosive Mailz
Your EZ List
Your Huge List
Your Safelist
Zaney Mailz
Zoom Moola

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