State Of The Art Mailer Review

Today, Iā€™d like to do a little run through of State of The Art Mailer, which will be known as SOTAM from now on, for obvious reasons. State of The Art Mailer Is One Serious Mailer State of The Art Mailer (Sorry, SOTAM), which has been online for SIX years, is a mailer with 30,000 plus members. One of the reasons I like SOTAM so much is that it is not like all the other mailers out there; even its […]

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The Best Traffic Exchanges on the Net

Below you will find all the traffic exchanges (TEs) I use to drive traffic to my offers and to other TEs. All traffic exchanges are not equal and it takes a bit of time to learn what makes each one different and how best to use them. Of course, the one thing that does make them all equal is that they all have the same function but even then, you will see that some are much better than others. Before […]

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Two Top Tips to Triumph with Viral Mailers

A statistic that’s frequently quoted is, ā€œ75% of individuals on the net trying to employ safelists or viral mailers correctly, do not achieve their goals.ā€ Alright, I just thought that one up, but it was necessary to make my following observation. I feel that even though that statistic may have been right, it would still be absolutely rubbish mainly because it does not take into consideration each one of those people who have experimented with viral mailers, both as I […]

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