Teaching English Online with Cambly Is FUN!

Online Teaching with Cambly

When you are just starting out trying to make money online, one of the most difficult things to do is pay for the things that would make your life easier (and lead you to Internet riches more quickly) because you either can’t afford it and eat, or you don’t have a way to get money into a payment processor very easily, which is especially the case if you live in some third world hell-hole like I do. Only joking. It’s not really third world. One way around this is to work for Cambly, but I should point out that this is for people who are native or near-native speakers of English.

Cambly is Like…Really Great!

Cambly is an online English language learning app from sunny California. Actually, I’m not sure that’s true but I wrote ‘sunny’ and ‘California’ seemed to pop into my mind. I do know the company is based in the US. (Edit: I checked later and it is indeed based in California.) Anyway, two ex-Google chaps own it, one being Kevin Law, who is a spectacularly, nice chap. Can’t remember who the other owner is and I’m in the ‘zone’ so I’m not going to stop to find out. I know a couple of other employees. Dorothy Li is one, who is another very pleasant young lady (am I allowed to say that these days? I get confused) and Belle is another very nice girl, although I think she is based in Korea mainly. So, if you haven’t cottoned on, I think the people involved in Cambly, who I know at any rate, are really excellent. The teachers seem to be an extension of Cambly as well. I have rarely met such a nice bunch of people, though I use the word ‘met’ here very loosely, as I have only talked to them through Facebook. But you can tell, right?

Online Teaching with Cambly

Anyway, I am digressing as usual, Cambly is looking for teachers. I’m not sure what the criteria is or even if there is a criteria come to think about it. Obviously, as I said above, you have to be native or near-native speaker of English to begin with. If I were going to suggest other qualities necessary to be a Cambly teacher, having a friendly, engaging, likable personality must come quite high on the list. Patience is a huge plus as every now and then you will get an unpleasant student or someone who is just trying to find female teachers to hit on. Yuk. How sad and desperately bad at normal, social interaction they must be if they have to resort to going online to find girls.

Attractive and Debonair Teachers

From my own personal experience, I also know that you need to be extremely handsome and debonair, know absolutely everything about the English language, be a great online teacher, well, I could go on but you obviously guessed I was talking about me! Oh, and extremely funny too.

Actually, you don’t need to know much about the ins and outs of the English language but the more you know, the more students you are likely to get calling you, as more and more students on Cambly seem to be looking for teachers who have experience teaching IELTS/TOEFL. I don’t know if that’s true either, to be honest, but I do know that I am getting more and more calls from students doing one of those two exams (because I have quite a lot of experience teaching them), so I am assuming it’s true.

Online Teaching with CamblyClick Image to Sign Up Now

Not Bad For Never Having to Leave Your House

Let’s talk about money. Cambly pays $10.20 an hour, which works out at $0.17 per minute, which isn’t a lot but it’s more than the minimum wage in America. Just remember, you only get paid for each minute you are talking to someone. They don’t pay you for sitting on your butt, with Cambly open in your browser, while you’re watching TV. In fact, that’s not quite true. They’ll pay you for 15 minutes work when you sign up for an hour-long shift if you don’t manage to talk to anyone for the entire shift. So, if you don’t manage to talk to anyone for an entire shift, I suppose Cambly really is paying you to sit on your butt watching TV!

To sign up, just use this link. You’ll have to write a little about yourself and make a video. Put some effort in the video and show them what a bubbly personality you have. If you seem like you’re on the way to a funeral, I doubt you’ll get the job.

Almost Forgot The Point of The Article

And that’s it. Oh, hang on! I forgot to tell you why this helps you earn money online doing other stuff. Well, Cambly pays you every week by PayPal, so every week you will get a load of money sent to your PayPal account. This money will then help you pay for things like autoresponders and solo ads, which everyone tells you that you don’t need, even though you learn very quickly that all the big boys in affiliate marketing use them (and much, much more), and that’s why they make tons of money!

So, sign up and get teaching. If you do, say hello to me in the Cambly teachers’ FB group. It would be great to know that I have impacted on someone’s life in a (hopefully) positive way.

Disclaimer: If you use my link and you are accepted as a teacher and do a certain amount of shifts, I will be paid a $20 bonus. This money does not come from your earnings, which are unaffected by this bonus, of course.

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