Is Traffic Brokers a Scam? Er…Yes!

Caution. Scam Ahead!

So, I signed up for Traffic Brokers today and I thought I would let you know what I thought and I can tell you now, not much. However, before we get on to that here is the proof that I paid for it.

Traffic Brokers

Traffic Brokers OTOs…Why?

I signed up for the 7-day trial, which gave me access for…er… seven days. Sadly, I only needed seven minutes to work out there were some very scammy-type things about it. Here was the first scammy thing:

Traffic Brokers

And here was the second:

Traffic Brokers

Don’t get me wrong. If you have been in the ‘making money online’ business for as long as I have, or just for five minutes, you will know that every offer comes with OTOs or One Time Offers, and this is not necessarily a bad thing. However, it is a bad thing when there is absolutely no reason to offer them and this is the case here. There is no reason to have a website if you are going to follow the training, so why offer the hosting? Also, the Survey Club is another pointless offer. It has absolutely nothing to do with the Traffic Brokers system so why is it being offered to us?

Affiliate Marketing with Death to Commuting

How Much Do I Hate Out-of-Date Sites?

Anyway, I obviously didn’t sign up for either as I wanted to get on with the training bit. Here comes another pic and I want you to tell me what immediately jumps out at you.

Traffic Brokers

I’m hoping that the most obvious thing you noticed was the date of the training, 2012. Okay, some of you might be saying that the training provided is for a very ‘evergreen’ method that doesn’t change so why should TB update it. Fair enough, I say. Now take a look at the page with recent updates.

Traffic Brokers

The most recent update is from 21st May, 2013. Now I don’t care how ‘evergreen’ something is, the updates for new offers are over three years old! What this tells me is that the guy who owns Traffic Brokers (Jeff Walker) doesn’t give a toss about either the site or, more importantly, the people who are paying for the training. Btw, the training is $50 a MONTH. Yup, you are paying a monthly subscription that hasn’t been updated for three years! As a matter of fact, there are more recent posts in the forum but who cares? If the core part of the program is not being updated, then what are we paying for…posts from people saying, “I don’t understand how to open a browser” or “What’s a banner ad?”? Sorry, that sounds like I am making fun of newbies but, honestly, I’m not.

What’s Up with PayPal?

Well, not that much, to be honest, but I don’t understand how PP seems to spend a large part of its waking hours freezing the accounts of innocent traders who are trying to make a bob or two by  selling stuff on eBay, but never seems to have enough time to close down the PP payment option of affiliate marketing scams like this. Ho-hum.

And that’s your lot. Been scammed by Traffic Brokers and would like to blow off some steam? Post your comments below.

And if you are looking for affiliate marketing businesses, check out my site here or click the link below. This is a ClickBank site. There are very good CB products and there are very bad ones. Before you buy anything, please do your research. Half an hour of googling and reading reviews can save you a lot of hassle in the long run.

Affiliate Marketing with Death to Commuting



Email Syndicate – It Would Almost Be Funny…

When you see a system like Email Syndicate being advertised by idiots who spam other people’s threads on Facebook, you can be pretty sure it’s a scam.

Still, if you see the ads, you can also be pretty sure that people are joining otherwise the idiots wouldn’t spam people’s threads in the first place. So, in the spirit of giving back to the spammers, I wrote this little post to help you make the right decision.

I read this online about the Email Syndicate and I thought it was so good, I’d copy it here!

If you start out with a lie, and confirm it is a lie, you shouldn’t be trusted with anything else that is said.

Of course, there are many people who sign up for this crap; although, I have to say, I am not sure why anyone would sign up for the Email Syndicate after just watching the big BS video that they use to sell it, but there you go; that’s why the Internet is full of crap like this.

So What’s The Lie?

They start by saying “no money”. Then, almost seconds later, they want your money, and it becomes obvious that there’s no free solution to generate profits using this type of method. You have got to pay.

1000s of Subscribers Without Spending a Dime.

Okay, you might be saying, I will sign up for the free account and get those 1000s of subscribers. Well, guess what? You won’t, at least not with the free account.

Eventually you will get frustrated. Then you have two options: quit or pay money. Here is where enough people pay out money to make the scam worth doing.

So What Are You Paying For?

For a start, you need to use GVO, an autoresponder, which will cost you $1. Well, for one month! Then it will cost you nearly $22 a month.

But you still won’t get anything worthwhile. You may get the odd click from a subscriber, but it certainly won’t earn you any decent money. You may have guessed what you need to do. Yup, pay more money.

Here are the options for boosting your subscribers.

The Email Syndicate

But guess what again? You still won’t get the required amounts of subscribers. Of course, there will be lots of reasons for this and because you have spent a load of money already, you may not want to admit what you already suspect.

So you go for some of this.

The Email Syndicate

Half a dozen of those babies a month and you can understand why this particular scam is worth doing, not for you though, of course.

You won’t be surprised to hear that you still won’t get the results you want. Now you are a bit mad, so you decide to write to Email Syndicate and you will get a response that you will almost certainly be able to find on this page: The Email Syndicate – Terms of Use

The mind boggles how this Terms of Use can be legal in any part of the civilized world. Your potential earnings are completely at the discretion of The Email Syndicate. This is my favourite part:

Every month, before commissions are paid, runs a rigorous click cleaning system that identifies all fraudulent clicks. Fraudulent clicks include but are not limited to those coming from unaccptable [sic] countries, clicks coming from blacklisted IP Address, Automated Click Systems, Automated BOTs, clicks assoicated [sic] with known spam traps and multiple clicks coming from the same IP Address. These clicks are removed before commissions are paid and may have an impact on the total commission numbers.

It basically says, “If we steal your money (which they will if they do what the above paragraph suggests they will do), you won’t have a leg to stand on.” The fact that they can’t even be bothered to proofread the Terms of Use should make you worry as well.

Email Syndicate

I’ll leave the decision to you but I think you have got what I think about the Email Syndicate; don’t come back and make me say, “I told you so”.

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