Why Safelist Mailers Are Still Worthwhile

There seems to be quite a lot of confusion about whether safelist mailers are worth the effort or not, so I thought I would add my twopenneth worth to the debate and give my opinion about why I think safelist mailers are still worthwhile. First of all, we should have a look at some statistics but before we look at statistics I need to write a quick disclaimer. All the statistics in this article are based on my own results and […]

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Two Top Tips to Triumph with Viral Mailers

A statistic that’s frequently quoted is, “75% of individuals on the net trying to employ safelists or viral mailers correctly, do not achieve their goals.” Alright, I just thought that one up, but it was necessary to make my following observation. I feel that even though that statistic may have been right, it would still be absolutely rubbish mainly because it does not take into consideration each one of those people who have experimented with viral mailers, both as I […]

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