Can I Make Money Online Without a Website?

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Hello and welcome back to my blog Death to Commuting, the blog that helps you make money online. Today, we are going to look at another training video from Affilorama’s Mark Ling. In this video, Mark answers the question, “Can I make money online without a website?”

As usual, I want to remind you that this sort of training, and so much more, can be found for free if you use this link.

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Can I make money online without a website?

Mark starts off by saying that it is possible to make money online without a website, but he doesn’t know anyone who is making a full-time income without at least one. He makes the point, and I certainly agree with him, that it really isn’t that difficult to own a website these days.

In fact, if I can add my own bit in here, let me explain how easy it is 4 steps.

  1. Go to Namecheap and buy a domain.
  2. Then, go to Interserver and sign up for hosting for $0.01 for the first month.
  3. Next, go back to Namecheap and point your domain to Interserver’s  nameservers.
  4. Install WordPress.

That’s it. If you know what you are doing, the whole process will take you 5 minutes. If you don’t what you are doing, go on to YouTube and check out some videos, and the whole process will take you about 30 minutes.

Back to Mark. He ends up by pointing out that to make money online without a website means you would have to post articles on article sites with your affiliate link. True, you may earn some money. However, what you are really doing is building someone else’s business.

If you have your own website, you do the same process. This time though, the link goes to a similar article on your own site, where you will hopefully make a sale. That way you are building your business, not someone else’s.

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