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This morning, I’ll be presenting you my review of AffiloJetpack 2.0, the most effective way to develop affiliate marketing internet websites on the net. Before I inform you of its benefits though, I would really like to chat about Mark Ling’s narrative, who is the owner of AffiloJetpack 2.0, and chat about what motivated him to make AffiloJetpack and roll-out his new edition, AffiloJetpack 2.0.

If you would like to scroll down past my beautifully written post and go straight to the sales page, here it is.

Where Did It All Start?

Mark Ling started affiliate marketing online in university. In less than a 12 months, he was making $3,000 per week. You would think this would be the absolute best, wouldn’t you? So did he, until his friend persuaded him to insert an auto-subscriber newsletter sequence to his web pages. It was a good deal of work, and cost him thousands of dollars – but it was successful, and his earnings leaped.

But then he had a tremendous fall: His internet sites got smacked by Google, and his revenue took a dive.

His Rise Back to Superhero-dom

Things seemed hopeless for Mark, and it seemed like he would never be able to clamber back up the mountain of success as before. Nonetheless, he decided that he would give it one more go. This time around, he would put even more focus on establishing an email list, and making a living through email marketing. And you know what? He succeeded yet again! And at this point in time, he is a 7-figure super affiliate, exploring the world and experiencing life to the max!

He got so much positive feedback about the first edition of AffiloJetpack that he chose to roll-out a second edition. And, for a very limited time period, I have been able to claim a 25% discount! But be quick, get it right now, as this offer expires soon. Click on any of the banners to claim your discount!

Confused How to Come Up With a Money-Magnet Site?

Most affiliates don’t have autoresponders. They rely on their site viewers clicking adverts and purchasing the items then. Mark is aiming to teach folks though that the actual money to be had is in email marketing. That is why he created AffiloJetpack: to make sure it is easy for you to earn money.

Making use of AffiloJetpack 2.0 was hassle-free. I got to pick from five out of 18 Jetpacks. Every single Jetpack is a blog product, with everything you have to have to generate an internet business and step-by-step details on how you can take action! You get 100 emails, post packs, visuals, the custom-made AffiloTheme, 12 months of internet hosting for one site, plus three reports to employ as subscriber bait.

Better still, it comes with a site designer that will create your blog for you simply! It will put in place your domain and hosting, then install WordPress and AffiloTheme for you. Best of all, it will create a Fluttermail email account and pre-install the 100-email autoresponder with all your affiliate links effortlessly added in for you! At the end, you will possess a money-magnet site, similar to what Mark creates.

Feel Writing Subject Matter Mundane, Yet Outsourcing Expensive?

Just imagine how much time it would take you to produce graphics and compose 20 posts, 100 emails and a 60-page ebook as prospective subscriber bait for your autoresponder! It would take many months to create it yourself. You could outsource it, true – but it would set you back a lot of money. Now imagine doing that for FIVE sites!

I’ve ended up saving so much time and money mainly because when I want to set up a new affiliate site, I just use one of my five Jetpacks.

Do you believe that it is aggravating to build internet websites?

It doesn’t only take forever to generate a blog, but getting all of the material together normally takes such a long time I often throw in the towel. For that reason, I am so thankful I discovered AffiloJetpack, merely because now it usually takes me only a couple of hours to get a blog ready to go! Simply by using their website builder and their done-it-for-you email newsletter sequence, I built up a selection of five money-making websites in just two days – and I think that you could, as well. Check out the video now to see how crazy easy it is to do.
Here is the 5-minute video that shows you how easy it is to set up an AffiloJetpack website.


…there is something you should know. AffiloJetpack comprises of twelve months of absolutely free website hosting for one blog, but it doesn’t include the domain name. So you should plan for approximately $10-11 for this if you don’t own one now. But that’s seriously the sole other thing you have to buy, because AffiloJetpack contains everything else you require to earn a commission-crunching internet marketing website.

Are You Willing to Act Now?

I strongly recommend AffiloJetpack, but ONLY if you’re prepared to do something NOW! Or else, you will basically be wasting your hard earned cash. It is an expenditure into YOU and your future.

Get it immediately while it is 25% its normal selling price, and setup your first website. If you know how to copy/paste, you can have five internet websites up in only 48 hours! Purchase it here for 25% off for a limited time.

And finally, if you are not sure what the training is like. check out the “Ask Mark” series of videos. Imagine what the paid training is like if this is the quality of the free training! Or better yet, sign up for my free report about how you can start earning $10,000.

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