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Hello and welcome to my blog. In this video, you are going to see how easy it is to improve your Google rankings. This is done by monitoring search engine rankings and tracking them using AffiloTools .

If you don’t know what AffiloTools is, you should do. It is a cloud-based internet marketing software suite, which contains all the tools that you need to monitor your website, its performance, do research with backlinks to your site so that it will rank well in Google Rankings and other search engines. It can even manage your social media accounts.

Watch the video and then look at the special offer below if you would like to give AffiloTools a try. If you are in a hurry and want to take a look at AffiloTools now, here’s the link.

As usual, there is an summary of the video below if you are at work or have a bad connection.

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Before you read the transcript, here is some excellent news! If you wish to test AffiloTools out and make sure every one of your posts gets the best Google Rankings, you only have to spend $1 for the trial now. You can have AffiloTools for a complete month, with absolutely no restrictions.

I personally endorse AffiloTools, mainly because it’s saved me time, made me much more efficient and, as a result of working with the applications, my Google Rankings are much better than before.

If you sign up for the trial now, you’ll also find some fantastic bonuses. To learn more, check out AffiloTools by clicking this link right here, and you can find out more about the great bonuses for yourself too.

AffiloTools and Google Analytics

To get started you need to open up AffiloTools and then click on the top button in the sidebar entitled ‘Rankings’. There are quite a lot of keywords seen in the video that AffiloTools is tracking. Google is tracking these keywords in the United States. It is a very good idea to link your account to Google Analytics if you want to see these statistics. I guess you don’t have to if you don’t want to but, it would be a strange decision if you didn’t.

In AffiloTools, you can see the keywords that you are interested in, either ranked in Google in the United States or in any country for that matter, but we will get to that in a bit. What you can get each day from your specific keywords is see how your page is ranking the highest. But what is even better is that AffiloTools can show you how your Google Rankings have changed over a period of 90 days.

This is very helpful for tracking your progress and for seeing if your SEO efforts have been paying off or not. This way you can make good decisions about what you need to do next. Adding keywords is incredibly easy. You just click on the add button at the top of the table. You’ll get a little box and then you just type whatever keywords you want to monitor.

You can even add other search engines. Google in the United States is obviously one of the more popular ones, but you can add search engines from multiple countries. This means you can monitor rankings in different, localized areas. You can even monitor more than one search engine. Checking your search engine rankings is important so you should always monitor the success of your SEO campaigns.

AffiloTools and Content Marketing Strategies

If you’re running a content marketing strategy and it is working, then you should see significant improvements and number one rankings across the board. These readouts are very important if you are working with clients as you can prove your results to them. You can also download your rankings report as a PDF with the click of a single button, and you can even email the PDF directly to yourself or to someone else such as your client

What sets AffiloTools apart from the crowd? Once you’ve identified the keywords that you need to work on, you can then use AffiloTools to build backlinks for your target keywords and anchor text. You can find high-quality link opportunities in blog opportunities, blog comments, resources directories, sponsorships, articles, even review links. AffiloTools will uncover these within a matter of minutes, saving you potentially weeks of work.

You can get a lot more of this type of training, just by filling in the boxes below. It’s all free so you have got nothing to lose.


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