7 Steps to Finding Profitable Affiliate Niches

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Hello and welcome welcome back to my blog. Today, we are going to look at probably the most important task you have to do to become a successful affiliate, finding profitable affiliate niches. For this, we are going to be looking primarily at Affilotools. If you are in a rush and want to check out the sales page now, here’s the link.

Not surprisingly, this is a longer video than usual. I am also going to put more detail into the transcript than I normally would as this is a major topic. If you have stumbled across this at work, I don’t want you to miss this just because you can’t watch the video.

So, sit back and watch an eight-figure affiliate marketer show you how he goes about finding profitable affiliate niches.

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Great video right? And that was free! Imagine what the stuff is like if you’re paying for it.

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In the video above you looked at:

  • Why you should promote digital products.
  • The 7 simple steps to finding profitable affiliate niches.
  • Picking great products to promote.

Why Digital Affiliate Products?

There are loads of reasons to promote digital products and here are just a few:

  • They are a great way to get started as an affiliate.
  • High commissions and earnings per sale.
  • Lower competition than physical products.
  • Most profitable niches have great digital products.

Finding Profitable Affiliate Niches

In the video, Mark uses ClickBank for finding profitable affiliate niches. I have actually seen this done before but with amazon.com. The theory; however, is more or less the same.

ClickBank is a great place to get started in affiliate marketing as it has been around forever. Additionally, it’s tracking software is extremely reliable, which means you will always get paid for any sales you make. Here are the steps to take to find profitable affiliate niches on ClickBank.

Step 1. Pick A Category

Choose a niche you’re genuinely interested in as you are much more likely to stick at it till you start making money.

Step 2. Pick A Subcategory

Again, pick subcategory that interests you. So if you choose ‘Health and Fitness’ as a category, you could choose ‘Diets and Weight Loss’ as a subcategory.

Step 3. Use ClickBank’s Filter Function

Using ClickBank’s filter will help you drill down for maximum profitability so we’ll be able to determine whether a niche is profitable and whether it has a digital products worth promoting.

Here are the best settings for the filters. All the settings come from AffiloBlueprint, Affilorama’s leading affiliate marketing course.

Firstly, you need to change the ‘Gravity’ settings. The minimum you want is 6 and the maximum is 25. Once you have set the gravity filter, the products will automatically appear. You are looking for five or more. If you don’t have five products, repeat the Category and Subcategory searches and try to find something with more products.

In my own search, I found 172 products in the ‘Diet and Fitness’ niche, which is more than enough to continue, of course.

By the way, you don’t need to search by category; you can also search using ‘keywords’. If you want to go for a ‘dieting’ niche, you could search for a popular diet.

However, just because a diet is popular doesn’t mean that it has lots of products. At the time of writing, Keto is a very popular diet but there was only one product. However, Paleo was better still had only four products.

The reason keywords can be better than categories is that if you search for Paleo in all categories, you find many other products than were in just Diet and Fitness.

Remember, if you are doing keyword search, you still need the 6 to 25 gravity settings. If you’d like to find out more about AffiloBlueprint, click on this link.

Step 4. Check Sales Pages

Now we need to check the sales pages of the products you are thinking of promoting. You do this to get a feel for whether you think that the sales page would get people to buy the product. Obviously, if you are not turned on by the sales page, then maybe others won’t be either.

Just click on the title of the product in ClickBank and the sales page will open up in a new tab.

What to Look For in a Sales Page

Does the page look professional? Yes, this is quite subjective but you don’t need to explain why. You just need to have to feeling whether it’s professional or not. But here are some ideas to help you decide.

  • Nice images
  • Slick formatting
  • Security seals
  • Compelling sales copy
  • Selling benefits, not features

You should also check to see if there are any affiliate resources. You can normally find the link to them by scrolling down to the bottom of the page. I have seen great sales pages and then made the mistake of trying to promote without pre-made affiliate resources. That was time I couldn’t get back!

Step 5. Keyword Research

If you are using AffiloTools for this bit, then you are doing great. If you are not, why not? Sign up using this link, and you can try it for free. If you sign up now there are also some great bonuses included. Here’s the link again.

And there you have it. A great training video from the team at Affilorama. As the rest of the video is about doing keyword research using AffiloTools, I am going to write a separate post about it. Here is the link.

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