SEO Tips – 4 Areas On A Page Where You Can Tweak SEO

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Hello and welcome back to my blog . Today, We are going to be looking at an area of affiliate marketing that, if we’re honest, most of us absolutely hate, and that’s the dreaded SEO. And that’s why I use AffiloTools, the internet’s best cloud-based SEO software. If you are in a hurry, check out the sales page here.

Check out the video below and you can watch Mark Ling explain the four areas of a page on your site which you can tweak for better SEO.

As usual, if you are at work or you have a bad connection, I have written the main points of the video below. Please remember that, I rarely include everything that is mentioned in the video so it is always much more informative to watch the video than to read my summary.

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Tweaking Your SEO with Affilorama

The video starts off by talking about how important SEO is for your website. If you have done as much as you possibly can, then it will ensure that your site is highly ranked on Google and other search engines.

  1. Content mark up
  2. Site structure
  3. Authorship
  4. Social plugins

SEO and Content Mark Up

So let’s return to content mark up. The first thing to look at is the title tag and meta description. Basically here you have just got to make sure that everything is correct so; for example, make sure that your images have ALT text and that your meta description is the right length, and that keyword is being used enough times and so on.

In the video Mark recommends a WordPress plugin called WP SEO (I think), but I use Yoast plugin, which I personally find very simple to use. The free version has really good advice and it reminds you to do all the necessities.

If you are just starting out or you’ve been doing blogging forever for a month or two then I would recommend Yoast but any WordPress plugin is good of course. Here is the link for the Yoast plugin if you want to try it out.

Other things Mark talks about are things like subheadings and multimedia including images. For images, I recommend using Pixabay. All the images of free but don’t forget to donate later when you are making your Millions. It’s a great place to get free images quickly; especially, if you are on a tight budget.

Relevant links in content is another important one but you should remember that the links should be anchor text. Remember that backlinks are very important as well. Here is a link to an article about guest blogging and backlinks that I wrote the other day.

SEO and Site Structure

Let’s move on to site structure. To me this is pretty obvious but it is still good that he spells out for us. Basically, the best thing I always think to do is to visit other sites and make notes of things you like and things you don’t like.

You need to think about things like navigational menus and URL structure. If you look at the site you’re on now I’ve tried to make everything look simple.

The menu is at the top and only contains the most relevant categories. On the right hand side bar is an affiliate image for Affilorama. Then there is a list of categories, which are also the most relevant, and a list of recent posts and that’s it.

I think the general rule of thumb is the less clutter, the better.

SEO and Authorship

Now we need to look at authorship. This is something I have to admit I’m not very good at. We need to use Google+ and link the blog to it. I’m not a great fan of Google+ and much prefer Twitter and Facebook for marketing but ranking in Google, as it is the main search engine, is important. Since Google Plus will help you rank better as well, then you probably should link your on your website to Google+.

But wait!

I did a quick Google search for ‘authorship’ and found out that ‘authorship’ is actually no longer supported in web search. So, we can ignore this bit anyway.

But the second part of this section is about Rich Snippets. I did a quick Google search on this as well and it is still very relevant. In fact one of the Rich Snippets options is for review type blogs which this is.

In fact, evidence that watching these videos is very worthwhile is below as I now have Rich Snippets added to this blog!

And of course WordPress being WordPress, there is a plugin for it called Rich Snippets. Search for that if you have a WordPress site and you will be able to install it. I just have.

SEO and Social Plugins

Finally, we get to social plugins. I think it’s probably fair to say that everybody who has a website understands the importance of social media. You can see on the left hand side of this website that I have my own social plugin. One reason I like it is that it doesn’t scroll with the page. It stays exactly where it is on the left hand side.

And that’s about it. That was a great video from Mack. I have been for an affiliate marketer few years now and I learnt something new so you may too.

Affilorama’s AffiloTools

All the above was great and quite straightforward to carry out but not all SEO is like that. If you had AffiloTools, then your daily life would be a lot simpler.

And the excellent news is if you would like to test, you just need to spend $1 for the trial now. You will have AffiloTools for just $1 for a whole thirty-day period with absolutely no constraints.

I personally endorse AffiloTools for the reasons that: it’s saved me time, got me to be much more successful, and as a consequence of using the tools, my site rankings are much better than before.

If you click the link now, you will discover loads of other great bonuses as well.

To find out more, check out AffiloTools now and see them for yourself by clicking the link here.

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